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    what is it? right it's frequencies or vibrations that go through the air to your ear. But what is music really? why does it matter what harmonies you play to make you feel that way? Why is major happy and minor sappy?
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    Well, if you notice, most music is based on music theory, and there is a genre of music (though it doesn't have a large following) that doesn't follow theory and just bassically makes a bunch of seemingly random noises.

    Minor isn't always sad, nor major always happy, if you have a p2p program download the song cosmos by yokko kanno (the artists "the seatbelts" or "cowboy bebop" may also arise, they're the same song) that's written in a major scale but sounds very sad, at least to me.

    Maybe someone who majors in human psychology can explain why we usually precieve minor as sad and major as happy though. Maybe it has something to do with society and that you're taught certain sounds are sad and others are happy.
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