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Musings of a different academic path

  1. Jul 5, 2004 #1
    After browsing through a like minded thread in this forum, I too am seriously pondering going back to school to embark on a different career path. I have an Associate degree in Computer Information Technology (translation: garbage) which at the time had an emphasis on C+ (this was prior to the additional PLUS...yes that's how long it's been). Very much would I like to embark on a scientific path, trouble is math has never been my strongsuit.

    As a kid you think to yourself, "What good will this equation do me in the real world?" Then the real world smacks you upside the head as close to everything that is intellectually stimulating in the secular world has an intrinsct connection with higher numeric concepts.

    Just wondering out loud how difficult it would be to retrofit my AAS degree to a 4 year institution, and pursue further degrees in physics and/or chemistry?
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    I think you need to take some calculus courses and see if you develop skill in math. If you cannot, then I would suggest steering away from physics and chemistry.

    Essentially, saying that you want to major in physics but have no skill in math is like saying you want to be an army sniper but abhor violence.
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    By the way, I would not worry about retrofitting your AAS degree. I would consider that in the past and start anew.
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