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News Muslim world and the largest city liberated

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    The third holiest city in the Muslim world and the largest city liberated to date greets the liberating troops with open arms.

    Note also the "related story." That one's pretty sickening.

    I also saw on the news tonight a video clip of a uniformed marine standing on top of a hummer, leading a group of 15 or so giggling kids in a rap/song. Not sure if it was the same city or not.
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    More important than validation is knowing that the Iraqis might forgive us for stabbing them in the back in 1991. We owe them this victory over Saddam.

    Before we start to celebrate, let's keep praying for the poor Iraqi conscript that has the US in front of him, Saddam's gun behind him, and a family at home. That guy is just as much a hero as our boys and girls.

    It makes me hate Saddam and his followers even more. It's so frustrating knowing how it's going to end, and realizing that Saddam and Co. are going to take as many innocent Iraqis with them as they can.

    And bet. When the dust settles, Iraq will become a democratized economic superpower of the middle east, and a shining example to all of it's Arab neighbors.

    I truly believe that Iraq will be the 'Pheonix of Arabian Culture', rising proudly out of the ashes. And they will be our friends.


    I know that's a bit corny, but I really am happy with this news.
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    Ouch, yes. I agree.

    We'll just have to wait and see on that one. Its possible, but I'm not sure if I think its going to happen.
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