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Must an all powerful god be logically self consistant?

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    This question may have no value since it defeats itself. We can't use logic to discuss an illogical god.

    Nonetheless I would be interested in other peoples thoughts on the possibility of a "not-always-logical" god.
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    An all powerful and all knowing god can’t be logically consistent.

    If we take all powerful to mean “able to do anything”
    And all knowing to mean “knows all facts”

    If a god was all powerful he could make him self forget something.
    But then he wouldn’t know something, which would violate him being omnipotent.

    This is also often presented in the question can god create a rock so heavy he can’t lift it?

    This isn’t that big of a deal though. The belief in god is essentially the belief in a being that is beyond rules. Logic is a set of rules.
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    Please continue discussion of this topic in the thread Omnipotence in the General Philosophy forum.
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