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Must read books about science?

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    Doesn't have to be about physics - in fact, the more diversity, the better - I'm just looking for a bunch of books that are must reads (I'm going somewhere for a while and need books to keep my company :wink: )

    Now I don't want textbooks, I want something that is easily accessible without too much deep thought, without equations or something that requires a PhD in the field to understand. For example, I'm reading A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson and have found it to be a great read about science (not necessarily how to DO science, but that's what university is for :approve:). I do intend to look into the Elegant Universe, as I've heard so much about it.

    Anyone have recommendations for me?
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    I once read a book by Chandrasekhar (not the famous one of that name, though) called something like Why Things Are the Way They Are. It was pretty good.
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    If the NOVA TV series is any way to judge An Elegant Universe, don't bother with it.
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    In my opinion the TV series of The Elegant Universe was just small taste of the book has to offer (I watched and read both). I'd recommend it...
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    It's almost certainly impossible to fit every detail in the book on a 3 hour TV show so to judge the book according to what little you've seen is a bit presumptuous.
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    Aye, but it seems that if they had a lot of material that they could cover, they wouldn't have spent all three hours repeating what they covered in the first fifteen minutes
    :zzz: But I suppose perhaps it was not geared for a very scientific audience.
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    Thanks, that looks pretty interesting.

    Any other ideas? If you don't like Brian Green's book, please suggest something else.. it helps me out more :smile:
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    Read Prey: A novel.

    It's a pretty good read. It's exciting at least, unlike the boring crap I'm reading now. "Cry The Beloved Country". Damn it's boring.
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    I would read anything by Feynman. Or Hawking.
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