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Mutation and speciation

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    How about the example of the black and white moths? I am not sure about the specifics of the story anymore, but the bottom line is the following:

    all of a sudden the ratio of black to white moths started to shift and biologists has no clue what was going on, why this selection. Turned out that the tree that, say, the white moth was living in due to camouflation (sp?) was being logged down, which led them to be pray to birds who eat them. The black moths still had their tree and were surviving.
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    I think thats a case of natural selection, not mutation... being a biochem i assume you know what mutation is and pobably much better than I (being a chemist by education)!

    specation, is like a sepration of a species to the next this works and the most comman way, is via cladogeneis, basically the species, changes form one to the other, and there tends to be a anther group of species...that splits from them : i think its a result of geography. at last in part... or chance.

    if there is no speartion (sepration) into to groups, and that one species simply changes into a new species then its called:

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    You mean this?
    Peppered Moth

    BTW, this link also serves as a response to anyone who says that study was bogus.
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    Natural selection acts on mutations, either on present mutations or latent. Without mutations, natural selection would have nothing to select.
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    we are not nessecerly dealing only with Natural selection, while I mentioned it, my comment was centered around spectation.
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