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Homework Help: Mutiple Choice - Equilibrium state

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    1. Consider a stoppered flask containing benzene, iodine, and air, which has reached equilibrium at 298K. Which one of the following statements converning the system at equilibrium is true?
    a) The pressure of the vapour phase is not constant
    b) Evaporation of the liquid continues.
    c) The colour of the liquids phase will change
    d) The mass of the solid iodine is not constant.

    2. Consider the equilibrium represented by the following equation:
    Heat + H2O(l) <----
    -----> H2)(g) in which T = 373K, P= 101kPa
    a) The total volume of the system is increased.
    b) Boiling water is added to the system
    c) Water vapour is removed from the system.
    d) The system is cooled.

    3. Consider the following systems:
    a) a container that is half-filled with alchol, soppered, and allowed to stand for several days
    b) crystals of KMnO4 that are dissolved in water until the water becomes a uniform purple colour and a constant amount of crystal remains in the container.
    c) an ice cube in a beaker of water in a normal classroom
    d) moth balls that are placed in an empty flask that is then stoppered and allowed to stand for several days
    Which of the above are in an equilibrium state?
    i) a and b only
    ii) a, b, and d only
    iii) b and c only
    iv) a, b, c and d

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    Tom Mattson

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    FYI, I've just deleted the response to this thread because it contained a complete solution.

    Please, whether you are receiving or giving help here, read the notice at the top of this Form entitled Read This Before Posting.

    Now, Chem Rookie, what do you think about these questions?
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