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Homework Help: Mutual Inductance

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    1.I dont understand where the J2X2 comes from. Everything else seems fine but why is there a J2x2 CHECK ATTACHED PICTURE


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    Maybe post the picture somewhere else or explain.
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    well basically im trying to do mesh analysis to calculate the mesh currents in that picture.......

    umm...those are the two equations that the book shows. I understand where all the terms in the first mesh equation come from, but I am confused about where j2x2 comes from in the 2nd mesh equation

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    The Electrician

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    What you have is j2 occurring twice.

    The first one is caused by current I2 in inductor j6; that causes a voltage of I2*j2 to be induced in the j8 inductor.

    Then, the I2 current in inductor j8 also causes a voltage of I2*j2 to be induced in inductor j6.

    When you have two coupled inductors in series in a loop, such as the I2 loop, the current in each inductor causes a voltage drop in that same inductor, but it also causes a voltage drop in the other inductor.
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    Thanks makes sense :)
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