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Homework Help: Mutual induction question

  1. Aug 29, 2009 #1

    in normal induction finding question
    we need to have how a current changes over some period
    of time

    and emf.

    but here i dont have that
    i only have emf =-3.2
    in t=0.8 i can find a certain current
    and in t=0 i can find a certain current.(using the given formula )
    i can put them in the formula and get M
    is it ok??

    because they presented a much more complicated current.
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  3. Aug 30, 2009 #2
    Sorry, but yours doesn't work. The answer shown in the jpg is the correct way. You have assumed with your equation that the change in current with time is linear instead of using the more complicated form that was given. You need to take the derivative as indicated.
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