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Muuuuuust sleeeeeep

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    Does anyone know of a quick way of falling asleep. I went to bed at like 4:00am yet wasn't able to get to actually sleep until like 5:30am. Anyone know a quick way to fall asleep that doesn't knock you out so badly that you don't hear your alarm clocks go off? ugh!
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    Thinking of a very boring story or person! :zzz:
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    Math Is Hard

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    How much caffeinated stuff are you drinking during the day(or evening)? Could that be giving you a problem?
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    Relax...... think nothing.....
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    Sounds to me that you do not have a routine for sleeping.

    I found the best way to fall asleep is to have a routine of going to bed at the same time everyday, and getting approx. the same amount of sleep everynight.

    I always go to bed about 11-Midnight. It works great. If it was any earlier, I would have a hard time staying up past Midnight, which isn't good if you are out on Friday night.
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    bang your head against the nearest inelastic wall till you pass out
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    Sleep, she is for the weak.
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    Chi Meson

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    As long as you get at least 6 hours of sleep, there's no grogginess (they say 8 hours, but I've been fine after only six). You need a prescription, but Dr's are happy to dispense this one. Bravo for drugs!
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    I heard that 8 hours of sleep is actually 20 % reduction of actual sleep our body needs, i.e. 10 hours. And let say you didnt sleep egnough today, for example, lack 2hours of sleep, you will have borrow sleeping time from ur tomorrow. And if the next day, u still lack of sleep, u will borrow more hours from the next next day. However, to return those borrow hours, you need to sleep more hours than you borrowed. If you continue borrowing the hours, your health will detoriate faster, age faster......
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    I like sleeping. I try to sleep through class whenever possible. Today, however, I was underslept and muddled, as a result I was very confused in math class (it was saddening). Which emphasizes the point I made - classtime is for sleeping. Soft pillows, or hard, convex polyhedra and their triangulations in n-space: you choose.
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    Whenever I can't sleep I just read some of your old posts.
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    Get Drunk!
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    Actually yeah that works well. Just get really wasted and you'll pass right out. Of course, you'll also be vomiting a bit.
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    If you can sleep for 7-8hrs every night, I would try some sleeping aids, as I think someone already suggested, and then do what Jason says and sleep consistently. I personally go to be at around 11:30-midnight, and wake up just past 7am everyday and have no problem falling asleep. I used to have a problem going to be when I was not consistent.
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    If it's just getting to sleep, rather than staying that way, I've found that 2 or 3 ounces of scotch fired back as a shooter acts as a mild sedative. It doesn't seem to work if you just drink slowly.
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    I'm gonna have to go with Danger's suggestion.
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    Well that better work, i don't want to get drunk for nothing.
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    quit smoking crack, close your eyes and lay down. see what happens
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    You could always try reverse psychology on your brain, try to stay awake (even though you are tired) until you eventually fall asleep.
  21. Nov 29, 2005 #20
    don't do that. bad advice.
    I tried using reverse psychology on my brain once and got caught. Me and my brain haven't talked since.
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