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MV Calc Book for E&M

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    I want a MV Calc book that has a good covering of vector field operations, mostly for studying Maxwell's equations and stuff later on. Rigor would be nice; I would prefer a book that proves most theorems, but not one as crazy as Spivak (I have only a few months!). Interesting theoretical problems and good intro to linear algebra would be a plus.

    Any recommendations?
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    Informal text on vector calc from the context of e&m, not that proofy though.
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    In addition to the book named above, I recommend Marsden and Tromba:
    The first review is probably the most sensible. I don't think it covers much linear algebra however (going by my memory, I may be wrong), so you'll have to get that elsewhere.

    For a quick and simple intro to linear algebra you can try Lang's book:
    but I must warn you it is not very advanced or abstract, so if you are a maths student will sooner or later need a more substantial book, but it is more than enough for Marsden and Tromba.
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