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My 1000th post!

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    I'm surprised to have reached this far in a forum. My earlier record was 200 in a Diablo 3 gaming forum, and I have a strong passion for that game.
    I guess knowledge is a virtue that I just can't let go, so this is why I'm still here today after about one and a half years. I have really appreciated the fact that most of my answers could be answered in this forum, when my teachers have failed miserably. Also, to return the favour and provide a service for those that need the help with their homework - which some might take as volunteering - is a greatly satisfying endeavour. Not only do I help them, but in turn they refresh my memory and problem solving skills in many topics that I have neglected for months and even years.

    By the way, is it possible to find the count of how many PF'ers have reached this 1000 post milestone as well?

    To another prosperous future and another 1000 posts!
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    You sure can!

    Go onto your own profile page (click on your username!), and notice that you are on the "Members list"- subforum.

    Click on that one, and go to "advanced Search"

    You can find the option of "post Count", at present, 266 PF members are registered as having more than 1000 posts.
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    Congratulations Mentallic! I recently passed 100 and can't imagine what it would be like to be in the stratosphere with you and the other 265 PFers that have 1000 posts! :approve:
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    I just realized I need about 100 posts to get into first 30.
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    Congratulations mentallic!!!
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    Thanks! I didn't even know that feature existed till now.

    Well, ever since the 0th power of 10 I felt like a god. By the 2nd power which you've recently completed, I was hooked. It took much time and dedication to reach the 3rd and I can't even fathom ever reaching the 4th like a few PF'ers have already accomplished.

    I've already jumped from about 15,000 to 260 since I joined (actually, a whole lot more, but only once you reach 10 posts are you considered a statistic) so at this rate I should be first in about a week or so :biggrin:

    Thanks Evo! Do you get the same high every time you manage another 1000? I envy that you were able to feel what I feel 11 times over now :wink:
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