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My 4 years undergraduate program in Astrophysics and Mathematics

  1. Dec 13, 2013 #1
    After harboring the aspiration to read Astrophysics and Mathematics (I love all things adhering to abstract and logical reasoning; as such game theory, logic, military strategics, mathematical proofs ), I'm now in a 4 years double major undergraduate program in one of the well-know prestigious University in Australia. Prior to my enrollment, I hold a diploma in Material science from Singapore which allowed me to jump into the 3rd year of a Material science undergraduate program.
    But I was more interested in enjoying doing what I love.

    I just completed my first year(foundation)
    The results were out last night and I score a credit pass (66 marks) for introductory calculus 2 and a credit pass for computer analysis (63 marks) The other units were a distinction.
    This semester has been terrible due to the fact that computational analysis (Matlab and Mathematica) were forcing me to stay awake for nights without sleep. It was pretty much a cyclic pattern of awarding myself a night of sleep after staying awake for 2 night to design codes for solving computations.
    A combination of physical stress and expectation of myself affected my performance during tests-anxieties mostly.
    I put in around 10-15 hours a week for introductory calculus 2 and if necessary skip sleep just to derive that satisfaction from problem solving.
    1-2 hours a week for electives as such quantitative economics and it gets me a distinction but I indifferent. In fact, I feel intellectually inferior-there is nothing to be proud of scoring a high grade for something lacking in intellectual contents.
    I cloak around 30 hours a week for computational analysis.
    In short, I would say I scored better than what I expected for computational analysis but on the overall, falling short of my expectation. Anything less than a distinction is terrible for me.
    I do hope to pursue pure mathematics at the honors level.

    My gpa stands at around 5.2/7. I'm thinking of exceeding the stipulated 150 credit at some point by taking on a unit known as 'non-linear dynamics'. Is my gpa healthy? Would I be risking too much? I would appreciate a deeper insight on the study of non-linear dynamics too.
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