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My academic careerwish me luck guys.

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    yup yup. So it's me again, deciding what to do w/ my life.....from the beginning, this was what I wanted. I've always wanted to continue study after graduation and get a M.S; reason because I want to get an advanced degree, and also, I really do absolutley love going to school and being in classroom enviornment and learning.

    Unfortunately, My advisor told me that I shot myself in the foot and pretty much told meI have little to no chance of getting in, because of my low gpa, so I pretty much forgot about this dream of mine, and settled to finding a job(hence, my numerous job thread for math majors).

    Now, I found a smaller and local university, which has an M.S program that I like, and I will talk to the advisor to see my chances of getting in on conditional basis(currently, my gpa is around 2.5 or so, w/ a number of repeat classes, but I'm 100% positive I"m gonna do a bunch better this semester and this summer).

    anyways guys, I"m crossing my fingers for some good news from the advisor over there, to give me a bit of a chance....

    cheers guys
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    Trust me, nothing is beyond repair.

    I dropped out of college about 5 years ago. The last 2 semesters I was in school I didn't even attend class, I just got F's and didn't bother to drop the classes, pretty stupid stuff.

    Despite that and a severally damaged GPA, once I decided to go back, I had no problem getting into a couple local engineering programs and with some good letters of recommendation, I'm even considering attending University of Michigan.

    Being out of school for so long is actually turning out to be an advantage, it's pretty easy to use my old transcripts and my newer transcripts to demonstrate to people that I'm not the same student that I used to be.
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    yea, almost same situation here. I should have dropped when I had the chance, but didnt, so I ended up getting bad grades...I really want to show them I can do it.
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    You're case isn't all that unusual. Students fool around in college, barely scrape by, graduate, get a few years of work experience, finish growing up, realize what they really want to do with their life and are now willing to put in the serious work it takes. Just remember, since you didn't learn everything you were supposed to learn in college, you may have a steeper learning curve when you first start out compared to the others in your program. As long as you're willing to put in the extra effort that might include relearning some of the background coursework on your own, then good luck to you! There are programs that are more willing than others to take a chance on the non-traditional student, and hopefully you have found one.
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    I'm a lazy bum in University.

    I have an assignment and a quiz for tomorrow.

    I haven't studied yet, and I haven't finished the assignment.

    I really love math, but the math we do in class just plainly sucks. It's all applied junk. I'm doing other math on the side, which I enjoy and I spend more time on that.

    I hope I don't end up being some drop out college student because that would suck.

    Anyways, I had an average of 50% in high school, and I'm an A student right now. It's going down because I'm getting bored...bored...bored just like high school again.
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