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My Black Hole Theory

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    I was thinking a while back about Black holes and how they could pull in light and matter. I just thought of a problem about this. If a Black Hole could pull strong and fast enough to pull light, then wouldn’t any matter would turned into light or energy itself while being pulled into the Black Hole? According to Einstein’s laws this is true.

    -Ely Curless
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    We cannot say what form matter (or light) actually takes once inside a black hole, because those qualities no longer matter to the outside world. Outside a black hole, only the mass, charge, and angular momentum matter.

    - Warren
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    A traveller going into a black hole will eventually be destroyed by tidal forces, but nothing particularly weird will happen to them from their own perspective at the event horizon itself if the black hole is large enough. They will not "turn into energy" for instance.
    See for instance Ted Bunn's black hole FAQ


    "What will happen to me if I fall into a black hole".
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    I think it would be weird to be driving down the highway minding your own business and suddenly see leftover images of the surface of some star whose surface previously crossed the event horizon you're now crossing (and whose photons--that make up the image of the former surface--have been hovering at the event horizon ever since). General relativity allows such weirdness.
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