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My brother

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    My elder brother has decided to study abroad for heigher studies. He's a bit reluctant though. This is because here we have heard loads of stories about people in America and europe hating us specially after 9/11. Is it true?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    These are dangerous and unpredicatble times for all of us, but my own perception is that a your brother would be about as safe here [in the US] as I am. In other words, I doubt that he would be at significantly greater risk due to his country of origin, as anyone here is due to crime of all sorts. A lot of this depends also on how and where one spends their time. For example, getting drunk and fighting a lot would be a bad idea. Studying in the library is relatively safe. :biggrin:
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    My impression of the US is that some people let fear & patriotism cloud their reasoning, but I don't know how much that translates into open racism. There are many people of Pakistani origin in the UK, though places like Bradford aren't that well intergrated as far as I know. London is pretty multi-cultural and has a shedload of universities, so I reckon your brother has as good a chance of a peaceful & productive time here as anywhere.
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    I can't see why anyone in Europe would hate Paki's after 9/11, USA would be the most risky but if you choose a civil area to study in then its about as safe as anywhere. And if all else fails, come to Canada!
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    DeathKnight, Pakistani's have no problem that I've seen. The most frustrating thing your brother will encounter is people will assume he's Indian. Understandably, this irritates the heck out of Pakistani's I've known, but it also avoids blatant discrimination based on appearances. I'd be lying to say there is no racism at universities, but overall, people at universities are very tolerant of diversity, even embrace it, and this provides a bit of insulation from what might be experienced in the general community. It will also depend on where he attends university. Some cities are more diverse than others, so he will just blend in, while others are more homogenous in population, so he may stand out more as different.
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    I'd think your brother would be safer here than I would be there.
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    Yeah the brother of the pump where you were kicked out during your survey may have told his brother in islamabad,who may have told his cousin in.....They may even have a wanted Dead or Alive poster for you in Pakisthan. :rofl:
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    How do students in US universities treat Asians students? Especially those whose native language is not English (But can still speak "quite good" English)? Is it easy for these people to make new friends?
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    the problem with this site is long memories. don't you people ever forget things?
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