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My cable going at < 56K speeds

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    My cable internet has been going at less than 56K speeds for the past 3 days. I called my ISP which is bright house for central florida roadrunner service, and the technician said that everything looks fine. Last week my speed according to broadbandreports.com was 4400 kbps, now it takes 5 minutes just to load eBay.com and 30 seconds to load google.com. Could my onboard ethernet or modem become faulty after a week?
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    Your computer could have some sort of malware. Run a virus scan. Also Delete any temporary Internet files. You may also want to try a different internet cable. Or it could just be a problem with your cable modem. Corrupt drivers may also cause that, so it wont hurt to reinstall your NIC driver.
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    Also, run AdAware.
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