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My calculator is broken -- Please help

  1. Apr 17, 2013 #1
    Hello all,

    So I write a finance final tomorrow morning and my financial calculator decided to quit working on me. The screen would flash as it turned off and on rapidly, almost as if there was a loose connection. So I popped 'er open and here is what I found:


    It looks like the red wire needs to be attached to the other side of the battery, but when I hold it there, it does not turn on. It also doesn't look like anything was soldered on to that side of the battery before. I'm also confused by the weird metal piece.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nevermind, the black wire just came off of the B- terminal. It's pretty much toast now without a soldering iron.
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    jim hardy

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    try heating the tip of a screwdriver on your stove for an emergency soldering iron.
    Try a little lemon juice for flux, but rinse well.

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    And for really fine work, a finishing nail held in Vise-Grips works too. Neat tip about the juice; I never heard of that one before. Thanks.

    Slipkorn, is that puzzling piece of metal actually attached to the top of the case, or just lying there? I ask because it sort of looks as if it might be a solderless clip to attach to the battery.
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    17 months later - I just went out and bought a decent one for $60. Used it for that final and never again. Maybe I'll use it in my last year starting next week. Thanks for responses, though.

    Killed the final, by the way. Ended the course with a 90+.
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