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My challenge: energy conversion through a linear motor

  1. Apr 16, 2008 #1
    Hi, everybody,

    I'm an industrial engineering student carrying out my final thesis. This thesis concern a new challenge that, as long as I've observed, it's not yet developed. I'm trying to use a linear motor as a mean of energy conversor in order to activate an hydraulic cylinder. That would mean to replace the electric motor and mechanical machine with only one device which would activate the hydraulic cylinder, by doing also the function of the pump.

    The idea is objetivily simple. The problem comes just by studying linear motors' characteristics. It comes to happen that, actual linear motors in market, achieve such a low output power that it wouldn't be possible to get the hydraulic pressure I need (2500psi). However, I also know about modern elevators impulsed by linear motors capable to displace a 100ton mass at a high velocity. And what about those splendid trains in Japan, which use linear motors to move dozens of tons at a high speed?

    My question is, should I make an own design which would fulfil my aim or is there any other reason why it couldn't be possible to make such a device for displacing a fluid flow?

    Thank you in advance.
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