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My chili went down well

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    I and two others used my recipe to cook a chili for ten people at the day center, every one said how nice it was, of course we had to cater for all tastes so it was not very hot taste wise.
    Next week we are cooking a ruby mury, curry, i only hope that goes down as well.
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    Nice! Did you have beans in it?

    I made some chili not too long ago with lots of smoked paprika and bacon. It gives a pleasant smoky flavor, with a little bit of hotness but not too much. Too much would drown out the smoky-ness.
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    No, no beans just, peppers, minced meat, tomatoes and onion. I love smoked paprika, i shall have to give it a try.
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    Sounds delicious, when is dinner ready? :tongue2:
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    Good deal, Woolie! If I have to cook for wimps, I'll make two smaller batches, so that I can have some chili that is appropriately spicy.
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    oooh, "real Chili"!

    That sounds great wooly ram! I'd love to try your chili.
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