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My circuit doest works

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    my circuit doest works...plz help

    i had simply connect a vibration motor to a 1.5V battery,and motor start to vibrate.

    but i have to use a potentiometer in my circuit,since the motor has to operate in range of
    1.2v-3.8v...so i had used battery of 9V instead...but my motor doesnt works when i used potentiometer in my circuit.why is this happend?
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    Re: my circuit doest works...plz help

    Potentiometer is a bad way to control a motor, if that is what you are trying.

    Google PWM(pulse width modulation), for motor speed control.
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    Re: my circuit doest works...plz help

    It is possible that the potentiometer has too much resistance for your motor to operate, even at its maximum setting.

    A 9 Volt battery is an expensive way of running a motor. A better way would be to put another 1.5 Volt battery in series with the one you already have. This would give you 3 volts and the motor should run a lot faster.

    As mentioned, there are better ways of controlling the speed, but try an extra 1.5 Volt battery for a start.
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    Re: my circuit doest works...plz help

    pl help me to perform poteniometer experiment
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    Re: my circuit doest works...plz help

    Please make a new thread with the appropriate detail to enable us to help you.
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    Re: my circuit doest works...plz help

    What resistance was the potentiometer? Did you measure the volts on the motor when fed this way? It seems likely that the resistance was just too high / inappropriate. Even with the wiper hard to one end there may still have been some resistance.
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