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My computer won't boot. Please help me out!

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    Yesterday, I was playing STALKER Clear Sky, a video game. Then I exited the game after I was done with it, and shut down my computer. I ate dinner, and then booted my PC back up. I got this error message.

    "No boot filename received. disk boot failure, instert system disk and press enter."

    What does this mean?

    And what does "Boot from AHCI CD-ROM mean?" Is there any way I can fix this in the boot menu or BIOS settings? Because I can't get into windows vista. Is this a software problem? Or could my hardware be going bad? Corrupted windows registry?

    Thankfully my desktop computer is still under full warranty. I'll probably take it in to be repaired today, and it won't cost me anything.

    Use this link to view detailed specs of my desktop PC if that helps any.

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    It means that it can't find the hard drive or it can't find windows on the drive.
    Check the cables for the drive haven't come loose.
    Then check the bios detects the drive.
    If it does then you can use your windows CD to boot and fix the windows installation
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    I'm going to have to reinstall windows? Does this mean I have to format my hard drive? It say's that it's trying to boot from the CD-ROM, windows is installed on my hard drive. I bought a pre-built computer, I don't believe I ever got a windows CD.

    Windows was working fine immediately before this happened. I think if a cable came loose, I would have noticed some seIrious problems while I was using my PC. When I bought the computer, I didn't get any software with it. Everything was already installed, including windows vista. They told me to burn all the contents of my PC onto DVD rewritable disks. For data and system backup, for events like this. I would imagine that almost 200 GB worth of data would have had to have gone on over One Hundred DVD-RE.

    I recently had a new, higher-wattage (750W) power supply installed to replace my stock 400W. Could this have done anything to the computer to cause this?
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    Do you know how to get into your BIOS setup? The first screen that you see when you turn on the computer should have two instructions on it: one should say something like "For system settings, press F2" or some other key like Del or Esc. The other should be the key to go to the Boot Menu or change Boot Options, which will allow you to boot from different devices. Press that button before the POST screen (Pre-Operating System Test screen, which displays basic input/output and hardware information. Some systems replace this screen with a system logo like "DELL" instead) disappears, and make sure you boot from your hard disk drive and not from CD/DVD. If it boots properly, then you need to go to the BIOS settings and change the setting to boot from the main disk drive. If the main disk drive is not listed, the drive has either physically malfunctioned, or it is not connected properly; check the physical power, IDE/SATA connections and the jumper setting if a jumper is present. If the drive is listed and is the first boot device in the BIOS settings, then something is wrong with your system files or the boot loader file is missing. This can occur due to corruption or virus activity.
    In that case, is your system a brand name system? Which brand? It may include a hidden restore partition which will help you further, hence why you do not have a separate restore CD/DVD.
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    I took it into the place I bought it from for diagnostics/warranty repairs. The technicians said it is likely that either my hard drive has died. Thankfully, hardware replacement is covered under it's warranty. I'll just be out of a computer for a few weeks.
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