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My confession

  1. Jul 8, 2005 #1
    Dear Fellow PF'er,

    ...I'm still using IExplorer. I have no firewall, blah, blah, blah..I don't deserve the title Geek.

    Any true geeks out there, I'll be more than happy to anoint you: The Truly, Truest Elite Geek Ever.

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  3. Jul 8, 2005 #2
    how bout getting firefox?
  4. Jul 8, 2005 #3
    Using firefox is not even a geek thing anymore, firefox is now more of a common sense thing.
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    Hmmm...maybe true geeks do use IE. Afterall, they might enjoy the challenge of fending off violent virus attacks and battling spyware. Who else but a true geek would enjoy needing to reformat their hard drive and reinstall all their software a few times a year because it has become too corrupted by all the nasty beasties? :biggrin:
  6. Jul 9, 2005 #5


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    Right now we are in a golden age of browsers.

    It is only a matter of time before spyware/viruses etc are engineered primarily for Firefox.

    But for now we can enjoy our wonderful browser free of popups, spyware and viruses and laugh at people still using IE.

    Firefox is so valuable to me I would pay a monthly fee just to keep it if I had to.
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    And I'd be willing to bet that's their long-term business strategy. Get a sufficient customer base hooked on it, and then start charging for upgrades when you're no longer willing to give it up.

    I believe you're also right that once they hit a critical mass of users, virus writers will start targetting those applications as well. Though, these other companies seem to be far more responsive than microsoft in providing patches to fix vulnerabilities when they find them.
  8. Jul 9, 2005 #7
    When I read the title of the thread I thought that you had commited some heinous crime and were confessing. :grumpy:

    I see that I was right. :tongue2:

    Seriously though, Firefox is the greatest thing since cute teddy bears.
  9. Jul 9, 2005 #8
    You read me. It takes one to know one :wink:
  10. Jul 10, 2005 #9
    I use IE, and I reformat about once every 3 months.
  11. Jul 10, 2005 #10
    0|-| & I 7|-|0ug|-|7 f012/\/\477i/\/g \/\/45/\/'7 g33|<y 4/\/y/\/\0123!!

    -- 4I
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