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News My country suffers from anosognosia

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    Anosognosia (lack of insight). Delusions of grandeur. Martyr complex. Autotheism. Dissociation.

    $100,000,000,000 - payable upon receipt.

    How would you diagnose the psychology of the U. S.?
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    Diagnosing the psychology of what?
    The people?
    The governmenet entity?
    The piece of land?

    All challenges to 'diagnose' any of the above will be met with full and outright failure.
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    Phatmonky = Delusional.

    Easy. ;)
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    Try diagnosing our attitude towards the remaining 96% of the world, and their attitude toward our 4%. It helps to share and define opinions, rather than isolate ourselves from them. Isn't that part of what freedom is about?
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    Well, Loren Booda, I thought you were "globablly singular" not United States...
    But, if your now becoming on of us "nationals" then I would say that it would be fair to agree that your, mine and phatmonkeys...we can ever throw Zero into the mix..all of our outlooks as americans vary vastly. Phatmonkey is probably correct, it woudl be impossible to sum us up in one phrase..hence my meant to be humorous comment that we are as a whole..quite frankly, skitzo.
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    I am not looking to isolate ourselves.
    I am however saying that trying to class (whatever part of America it is you are pointing to) into a single diagnoses or adjetive is as counterproductive as actually isolating ourselves.
    A thread of actual discussion, rather than labeling, would be far more condusive to understanding others' opinions. Perhaps it would be more eudcational to ask what people like and dislike about our foreign policy, and what we could do (viably sp?) to make them happier.
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    Indeed I was labeling, but more in the sense of divining a political theme than isolating our outlook. To admit our weaknesses as well as strengths. To relate ourselves globally. To share that the rest of the world has the same potential and opportunity to overcome similar human nature. I fear our intolerence toward our mother countries denies our ancestry, if not equality itself.


    Wherever we live, we're some %. I do love this country, that's why I worry about it, and take action as a humanitarian and volunteer. Many people who talk of the wonders of outer space have never studied nor traveled other lands nor reached out to other peoples. It's amazing how much a little kindness can achieve among our brothers and sisters outside our borders. (By "schizo" I think you are referring to dissociative identity disorder [DID], formerly known as multiple personalities.)
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    I just want to say, despite my participation on PF and the fact that I know Americans a little bit better because of this participation, I cringed when two big Americans walked pass me in the subway a few days ago. That is the consequence of the Iraqi abuse as far as I am concerned.
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    Consequence? It is a reactionary response that only you can control. I hope you end your prejudice one day :smile:
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    Oh, Polly. How sad. I'm so sorry. It's exactly the type of worldwide reaction I expected from this.

    I can't really say that I blame you. I know many who had the same reactions toward middle-easterners after 9/11.

    The whole prisoner-abuse situation makes me physically ill. I feel so ashamed (for our country, our military, the families of the abusers and the abusers themselves... so much...) The thing is, this is not what Americans and most of our military is about. This is what war is all about. Contrary to what many Americans have been lead to believe, there is no such thing as a sterile war. Some of the worst atrocities known to mankind have been done in the name of war (not to mention religion - but then, that's what many wars are ABOUT now, isn't it? :wink: ). Man's inhumanity to man... Just plain unbelievable. :frown: How can such cruelties be stopped when there is so much hatred and fear behind it all?
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    The point is, I was surprised by my own reaction as well. I did not see the reaction coming and there was no way I could control it. Phatmonky, the Americans have to learn to respect other peoples and their views.

    Something I have been suppressing myself from saying because I don't want to hurt the feelings of my American friends. But we are really all connected. You are the biggest debtor in the world and the rest of the world rely on your demand for economic growth and develop. Now human decision is a very funny thing, it is not all rationally made, it is also emotionally charged. Imagine what you and all of us will be like if we start holding less of your treasury bonds and stop going to your country for postgraduate studies.
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    :approve: First, learn to respect your own people then you can hate others if you like. The best way to bring oneself to social isolation is to hate all other races and include your own race it that blacklist. Then you end with with the world vs. you as that situation is not so easy to deal with.
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    drunk and arrogant? but able to be sober and humble...
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    I'm surprised by it. Do you flinch when you see brown people too?? Again, your own choice, subconcious or not, to hold such a prejudice.
    'the Americans'?? Once again generalizations. I wonder how this would all come across if you replaced American with 'Black' or 'Muslim'.

    Well, you'd only hurt their feelings because they can't believe their friend is so closed minded. I cannot do anything to change your mind. A racist will have a prejudice against a person of a particular color - you have the same prejudice against a nation of people (which I have stated would be insanely pointless to try to generalize due to the vast ranging ideals and origins of people).

    Let's look at this. Do you actually believe that the bulk of our wealth held by foreign entities is held by people because they like us?Or that if they don't like us they will give it up? Of course not. It is held by corporations and affluent individuals who understand it to be a good investment right now. Public relations can have a direct impact on certain parts of an economy, but the pure nature and demographics of those that hold stock in foreign countries rules out emotion from being the biggest dictator of who holds treasury bonds,and for how long. This is a different topic anyways.

    If you do not come here for post graduate studies, I am sorry. Perhaps you can go to IIT in India and the come here, like the bulk of their graduates, to start vastly successful international comapanies.

    I still wish for your speedy enlightenment and hope you will not stay at the ranks of the KKK for too long. You seem far too intelligent for that.
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    I like when we are sober and humble, with a very large gun in our holster :smile:
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    drunk when shooting rascists and sober when I am done.
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    I don't give a rats butt what the rest of the world thinks of us. Do you think the Chinese, Russians, French, Germans, etc. give a damn what the world thinks of them; Hell no! A Nations does what it thinks is best for their country. What it comes down to is "Hurray for us, and the Hell with the rest of you".
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