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My cousin needs career help.

  1. Mar 25, 2012 #1
    hello. for those who know me from my previous post, this is not me. My cousin needss career help. he is about to be a junior in high school. he was wondering if he should be a medical doctor or be a computer scientist (with the highest degree a masters). He wants to know fast; so if you are in one of these fields or has considered one, please contribute.

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    He should choose a career that would fulfill him. One person may find computer science is the most fulfilling field for him; another person may find medicine fits better.

    Given that we don't know anything about your cousin, we can't answer that question for him.
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    Hey N5soulkishin and welcome to the forums.

    Is your cousin in it for the money or for some other motive, particular for the choice of medical doctor?
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    Given that your post was so informative regarding your cousin's mindset towards his potential career paths, I'm afraid I would have to go with computer doctor.
  6. Mar 26, 2012 #5
    Becoming a doctor or "computer scientist" takes awhile. I mean CS and traditional Medicine are topically different (get it!? topically haha). In any case it is a personal choice based on preference and what makes sense to person.

    Both disciplines are here to stay so....
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    My cousin is mostly interested in the human body and how computers work. so basically he likes the best of both fields.

    ps. I think he's in it for money
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    If your cousin is entrepreneurial, then computer science would still be a good option. In fact if your cousin is entrepreneurial then anything that they can stick at, work hard at, and become great at is also an option.

    If your cousin doesn't want to be entrepreneurial then a doctor would probably be a good fit if they can get in to medical school (which is nuts to get in!). Your cousin will still no doubt have to work hard but they won't have to really worry about where their paycheck comes from or any part of their income for that matter in comparison to the entrepreneur.

    It really is deciding which one your cousin is willing to put the necessary time, effort, and thought into and whether your cousin just wants to work his arse off for his employer or work his arse off for himself.

    Either way for good money you need to work hard and be willing to take the appropriate risks (medical school: big risk of not getting in, business: what isn't there at stake!)
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