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My Dad answers every question right

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    I have been trying for quite some time now to stump my dad on just one question. I've tryed out physics, Astronomy & Cosmology, Mathematics, Philosophy, logic, tecnology, almost every subject! It is getting to the point where i stay up late on the internet trying to find something. :bugeye: can anyone suggest a question please?
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    Do you need to understand the problem? What is your dad's background?
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    Perhaps you can give us some examples of the questions you've asked and some answers he's provided. It porably wouldn't be fair to ask him to porivde a rigourous mathematical proof of the shape of an electron D orbital.
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    how do you know your dad's answer is accurate, not necessarily bogus, but he might be off the mark
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    Well there is a question in Mathematics which My teacher asked me when i was in 11th class and i haven't come across anybody who could suggest or even hint a way out!

    integration of x*Sec(x)

    If your Dad succeeds at this,Pls tell me the solution too! :smile:
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    well he has done alot of things.....he was a mathmatiton, he designs software, was an Engineer, has a masters in physics um...thats all i can think of at the time being.
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    I don't know, witch is pretty stupid. If i eventuoaly find a question that stumps him and he says the rong answer he won't beleve that its rong. :grumpy:
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    I can't get my father to acknowledge that there is no such thing as centrifugal force. He insists (or did 10 years ago) that the bucket on the string will go flying away at an angle instead of tangential to the circle.

    Some day ... some day ... I will prove it to him. I will probe him wrong. I will prove them ALL wrong. They laughed at me. They mocked me. But I will show them. I will how them my POWER. They will flee, like ants under my feet. I will...

    What? Is this thing still on? **
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    The easiest way to stump your genius dad? Ask him "what's something you don't know anything about?" He'll definatly be stumped. And if he has an answer, just find a question about that topic to ask him!
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    "What is the purpose of meaning?"

    -Dexter's lab
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    Do the questions have to be about logic, or can they be history questions? Surely he won't know all of history :D
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    Is he physcic? Ask him what number your'e thinking of. Better yet ask him what commercial will be on next.
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    The integral of x*sec(x) cannot be expressed as an elementary function- meaning usual nice finite combinations of exponentials, logarithms, polynomials, trig functions, etc. This is the same situation as the more common e^(-x^2).
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    Tell him to go on jeapordy. He should do awesome. Except you said he answered every question right, I don't know how he'd fare given only answers. But he should go on some quiz show for big bucks!
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    If you had a tunnel that went straight through the Earth from New York City to Tokyo and dropped an unpowered train in the New York end, how long would it take to roll to Tokyo (assuming the tunnel was a sealed vacuum and the Earth was stationary)? It would speed up until the tunnel reached the midway point between New York and Tokyo and then slow down at the same rate. It would take about 42 minutes for it to gently roll to a stop in Tokyo.

    How about from New York City to Sydney Australia? About 42 minutes.

    New York City to Los Angeles? About 42 minutes.

    Even if he's not stumped, he'll at least enjoy explaining why.

    This link, http://www.physics4all.co.il/open.php?link=628 [Broken], explains the problem. Just scroll down to "A Boring Problem".

    Some of the other problems might give you some ideas, as well.
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    ask him for a valid argument of creationism :biggriN;
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    I made some quizzes here on PF, ask him these questions...just scroll down to the quizzes : https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&action=view&journalid=13790&perpage=10&page=8 [Broken]

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    Ask him what women want. :biggrin:
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    Or ask him who the REAL inventors of special relativity were. The guys, who came up with this idea PRIOR to Einstein.

    Or ask him why there are only eight gluons ?
    Or ask him who really invented heliocentrism
    ...check the quizzes
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    sorry i phrased it rong insted of right it should be *correct. And yes he would be good on jepordy
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