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My Dark City review;

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    "Only an ignorant non-scientist(all humans are born scientists, so what happens to them by the time they reach puberty? Dark City!) cannot see how this is one of the most important films of our times. The least thing to say is that this isn't your standard hollywood sci-fi action movie. Another thing I've noticed is that a commentary on at least one dvd edition talks about it being similar to a silent sci-fi movie I think "metropolis." Well, I don't claim to fully know that analogy, but from what I remember them complaining about, it had nothing to do with what I'm seeing as so great about this movie! In fact, what's perhaps most remarkable of all is I'm starting to get the impression even the actors and directors/producers of this movie don't realize what they did with this movie!

    Still today, people think of science as just info gathering and pointing at say the moon and saying . . . ope, there it is! What a discovery! They may say much the same thing about mathematics; but, then they never have a real answer to the nature of science/mathematics. Even scientists/mathematicians well into the 1900's and even many in the early 21st century don't understand the fundamental nature and origins of scientific/mathematical concepts. Plato was the first to write down the beginnings of an understanding with his caveman story, but 1) life was/is to hard and fast-paced for most to ever bother to read(and then think about it) that plato story, and 2) it isn't the end of the story as far as the secret behind the nature and origins of mathematical concepts. There was lots of confusions between theory and experimentation. Perhaps to make this a little clearer, let's talk about the discovery of the solar system.

    The discovery of the solar system is the classic example how scientists/mathematicians have to look behind the curtain to see the underlyin truth. Just taking the immediate observations of the heavens(facts?) leads to a falsity; that the universe and the sun go around the earth; it takes noticing contradictions like the phases of the moon, the back and forth motions of the planets and the presence of mind to sit down and take those things to heart and try look behind the curtain so to speak to see that the earth is a planet going around the sun and not the other way around!

    This same process that happened in the discovery of the solar system is what had to happen to discover how mathematics works. Well, actually, just mentioning the science behind the solar system is enough to serve my perposes, but mentioning that that same process is at the heart of all science and even the discovery of the true nature of mathematics/science(I highly recommend Jacob Bronowski's "The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination"; an amazing book for a 175 pages!), and shall I say for noticing the social problems of humanity today!

    People are asking 'what's going on?'. But, they don't realize that they are like the people in dark city; socially conditioned; it takes stepping out of that social quagmire to see it all!

    This review is getting to long as it is, but this is what Dark City represents poetically. Humanity is born without answers like the Dark City folk and slowly and maybe/hopefully enough hero's can wake up to see what's on the other side of the walls of ignorance we are all born in!"
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    And what is on the other side?
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