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My Diagram on Nuclear Reactors

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    I created a diagram on nuclear reactors to advocate for the use of it. Tell me if you see anything I should change.

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    The diagram provides a simplified schematic of a PWR. The heat exchanger/steam generator could be proportionally larger, and turbines would be also larger.
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    The idea in the diagram looks OK.
    It might be improved by instead of one small arrow indicating output power,
    you could have a few different size different size arrows in red or blue (red+. blue -), to show what is going on overall.
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    You may also want to add an ultimate heat sink to the condensor. A large river, the sea or cooling towers are typical.
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    There is normally a high pressure turbine and set of low pressure turbines.

    Steam goes from the Steam Generator to the HP turbine, and from the HP turbine to the LP turbines. The condenser sits under the low pressure turbines where low pressure steam (or water vapor) is condensed back to liquid to be pumped back to the steam generator.

    The turbine shaft is coupled to a generator, and the generator is coupled to the grid via a switch yard where transformers step up the voltage for transmission.

    The condenser exchanges heat with a cooling tower, river or lake, i.e., the environment.

    The turbines, condenser and generator are located in an auxiliary building which is attached to the containment building. The reactor vessel and steam generators are in the containment building.
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