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My dinner with Sarah Palin.

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    I just got back from my dinner with Sarah Palin. Everything is more expensive in Alaska and dinner with unemployed drifters is no different. When I got there in my new Levi's it looked more like a tea party than a dinner, but once I sat down, things started looking up. The appetizer was sour grapes in whine sauce. This was followed by Russian Peasant soup which you could smell from Canada. The main course was crow which was eaten with zest. And for dessert, Half-baked Alaska of course. After dinner we danced the Bristol Stomp and then I left. Not worth the price.
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    Were you in a country or a continent?
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    How long have you been working on that? Topical humar really has a short shelf life...
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    I think jimmy somehow ended up as the dinner date with the woman who won http://www.alaskadispatch.com/blogs/palin-watch/2013-going-to-extremes-for-a-dinner-with-palin" [Broken]. Yikes, jimmy, watch for low-flying frying pans when you get home!

    So tell me...what's "the dude" (he's no longer first dude) really like?
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    Alaska? I thought you were traveling in France, jimmy.
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    Made me smile.
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    Do they really eat crows in Alaska? :yuck:
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    Did you ask her who's the prime minister of Canada?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Dinner with Sarah? Surely they were serving bull that night.
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    Fish heads! Fish heads! Eat 'em up, YUM!
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    Better yet, ask her who's the president of Africa. According to McCain's handlers, she thinks Africa is a country.
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    Did you see how she is wearing her hair lately? And how can she wear *that* top with those shoes!
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    I once tried having dinner with Sarah Palin but she got up haflway through the first course and left. How rude!

    Now, Obama is great to have dinner with. He ordered everything on the menu and told me not to worry about paying because he'd put it all on his credit card.
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    jimmy, did you get a chance ask her what stocks to buy?
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    As a former Alaskan resident for 22 years, I roll my eyes.
  17. Sep 25, 2009 #16
    Too soon...
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