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My disc free space is diminishing itself, please help me!

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    Hi! please help me!
    I am having a real problem this days about my free space on my local disc C. Sometimes when i turn on my computer i find that the free space on my local disc has diminished itself without that i have saved anything on it before . This is very serious because there is at least 1GB that is decreased everyday. where is gone that space? does any one know?

    To solve it, i try to erase some of my documents. There also is another trick that i use but it doesn't work always: i connect another USB external harddisk and the lost space is sometimes restored itself.
    I have tried to defragment it but it doesn't cure it at all. I thought about the disk cleanup but it doesn't work neither.
    So is this a virus or what...?
    In case you need to know, my OS is windows vista premium.
    Thank you in advence
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    You might want to check your drive for errors. And of course a virus scan. I scan my drive regularly with an updated anti-virus regularly.
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