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My Dream App - iVlog

  1. Sep 20, 2006 #1
    The name may still need to be changed, but iVlog is my idea currently being voted on at http://www.mydreamapp.com.

    Don't worry, I'm not spamming the board asking for your vote. :) This is a chance for every Mac user to share what they think would be in an ideal vlogging app. If the app makes it through the voting process, it'll actually be created! To offer your suggestions, please visit my blog there and leave a comment. Here is the entry where I talk about my current ideas for its capabilities. Be sure to leave your own.


    Booya! o:)
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    It will come soon anyway, msn has just brought out (beta) Soapbox. Apple will want to cash in on video logging as well.
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    MS will definitely offer something. Apple is unpredictable. Sometimes they wait a long time before offering their solution.

    Neither company has the development format of "My Dream App." They develop it out in the open, guaranteeing that the things you want in the app will be there from the get-go.

    Well, that is, if you visit that link and tell us what you want. :)
  5. Sep 21, 2006 #4
    Free copy of pzizz for Mac/Win

    Wow, this is a really sweet deal that I think everyone here will appreciate. If you vote at http://www.mydreamapp.com in the next 48 hours or so, you'll get a free copy of pzizz. It's a $40 app for Mac and Windows that plays audio to help you sleep. It's great for study naps.:zzz:

    Again, I hope this isn't treated as spam. I mentioned already that I'm a contestant (iVlog), but I didn't know about this until a couple minutes ago, and I wanted to make a new post to make sure people saw this deal. I think it's really unprecedented.

    You can vote for up to 18 apps out of 24, so there shouldn't be any tough decisions. Of course, I'd appreciate a vote for iVlog, but it's up to you. :) Enjoy your copy of pzizz!
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    Spam by any other name...
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    Alright, I apologize. I was just really excited, especially because I thought everyone here could use a program like pzizz.
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    Hey, I voted for iVlog, Minerva, and one other one. Thanks for telling me! Looks like iVlog isn't going to win though.
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    ....Whoa you're a contestant? Wow!!! Great idea!
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    Thanks, Mk!

    iVlog just needs another 0.2% to escape elimination. That's literally something like 16 votes, at present.

    Voting has been extended to 6 pm Eastern. So go on and get your free copy of pzizz, guys. It will help you study. :)
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