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My ears are blocked!

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    Ahhhh. So I go swimming yesterday and they're still blocked this morning.

    In the past I've had them cleaned out by the nurse at my medical centre WITHOUT the need to do two-three days of ear drops to soften the wax. Because using the drops makes them even more blocked.

    I ring up Ropata this morning only to be told come back next Tuesday (Monday being a public holiday) after using the drops for 2-3 days, despite telling the receptionist they've cleaned them out without the drops being used before.

    So I don't know what to do. I want them unblocked today. Waiting a week with the sound of myself breathing and buzzy noises is not going to do me justice, plus blocked ears give me headaches.

    Any advise? I might even go to the nurse at my dad's GP practise, if they let me.
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    The safest way to clean out your ears is by sucking out the wax. An ear specialist or doctor can probably do this for you.
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    Ask your dad, Stevie. It may be as simple as buying a cheap ear-flushing bulb syringe and some solution to use with it. Too bad to wait a whole week to be seen when your dad might be able to help you clear that up. I HATE it when my ears are blocked up! Good luck.
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    Ha, I wish that I can have my ears blocked! Or just a little wax in them. They are so clean that I can feel the air go in, and feels like my brain is exposed! :biggrin:

    Don't miss with your ears, TNZ. Go to the doctor.
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    You can't expose something that doesn't exist, drizzle...

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    Well, thanks micro, I'll remember that.
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    Perhaps your ears are not blocked on the outside, but maybe the Eustachian tubes are blocked. Have you tried a decongestant?
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    Hi Stevie, we can't give you medical advice here. Please have a doctor look at it.
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