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My father, the complaning wuss

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    I have a 67 year old father who complains about me not trying to find work. I've been looking for work for a year now. I have my A.A. degree. He thinks I'm not trying. but I did the best I can. I talk to managers from different stores and hand in my resumes to all the stores I applied at. Luckily, I'm going to the University at Buffalo(if I get accepted and have a dorm room). My father believes that my education is not important. anyone has a complaining parent?
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    I moved out of my parents' house long before it was 'legal' to do so; they didn't complain at all after that.
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    Then I guess my father is going through some phase.
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    Of course, you have already moved out, right? You've accepted full financial responsibility for your life, right? In that case, you are right: he has nothing to complain about.
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    Jesus Christ, life is too short. Your dad is 67, go and give him a hug or something.
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    meh, never bonded with him. All he cares about is baseball and I only care about science.
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    No work? Find a job with a landscaper cutting grass, edging, and trimming hedges. Find another job late at night cleaning grease-traps in a steak-house. Sometimes it helps to get some perspective. If you refuse to consider jobs other than those that you are shooting for, you might consider loosening up a bit. Some of the most profitable job-tracks that I followed started out with jobs that I didn't necessarily aim for but fell into.

    In this economy, it's hard to pigeonhole yourself too tightly and still find work. Generalists will eat your lunch, especially if they are hard workers and flexible WRT to hours, on-call demands, etc.
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    Apparently not:
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