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My fears for the future

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    My fears for the future....

    From what I have been reading for the past several months, I am starting to believe that the entire world's economy will collapse entirely. Every single market will be at zero points. If this happens, and there is 100% unemployment world wide, (that is almost seven billion people out of jobs) which will create global riots, looting, world martial law, people killing and robbing eachother for food and water, arsons, civil war, global starvation, and much, MUCH worse.

    I am taking all my money out of the banks, spending it ALL on food and water, batteries, gas masks for me and my family, weapons and ammunition, survivalist books, maps, etc...

    Is this going to happen as I described it? Am I going to have to "live off the grid" or in some rural area to avoid the chaos? If so, for how long?
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    Re: My fears for the future....

    If unemployment was at 100%, then the government would also be out of a job. So who would initiate the martial law?

    I think this view is a quite an overeaction, to the current economic climate. Ever since the dawn of human civilization there has been jobs that need doing.

    Economies operate on cycles, times of high economic growth and low economic growth sometimes even negative growth. The reason why this world recession has come as such a shock is because governments thought they had solved this problem, which they clearly have not.

    Also I cant see how an ecomony would ever reach zero points for more than a short term period, purely because of the human instinct to spot a bargain. More people who spot the bargain the higher the demand higher the price etc etc.

    In saying that there are a considerable number of people who already live like you described, so who knows.
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    Re: My fears for the future....

    That's an extreme overreaction.
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    Re: My fears for the future....

    Sorry, this is just too out of touch with reality for a thread. Locked.
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