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My few moments of happiness

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    :yuck: I have a "friend" who is the most annoying thing on the planet. He's jewish and is about to have his bar mitzvah, so he's taking hebrew classes. He's always trying to show off his hebrew reading abilities and I can't get him to shut up!!! :grumpy:

    Today we had an argument(after MIH's thread) about whether it pi was pronounced "pie" or "pee". It was a stupid argument and would've ended quickly if it wasn't for this annoyance.

    Later in math class he asked the math teacher how it was pronounced "pie" or "pee". she said "pie". So he gave me this smug look(--> :approve: it reminded me of this)

    Later I was telling someone about how he puts it in someone's face when he thinks he is right. He walked by, so I said "when you 'proved me wrong' did you have to give me the :approve: look?" He told me he never did that before.

    Then he wasn't saying much to me. I asked him if he was a baby and upset about the argument if pi. He said that I told him he talked too much(god knows where he got that from :uhh: ) and he wouldn't talk to me.

    So today I left school feelin' fine! :biggrin:
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    Congratulations. It sounds as if you found the right trick. And you might want to point out to him that the teacher is a specialist in math, not linguistics.
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    He'll talk to me tomorrow. (he's done this before) I told some people about this and they tell me that I'm lucky :biggrin:
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