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My files keep getting corrupted

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    Everything large (single) file I transfer onto my computer (like 20 megs+) gets corrupted. This includes via the internet, LAN and CDs (like when installing games, I get errors on the .cab files all the time, since they hold everything). It is PISSING ME OFF. And has done so for quite a LONG time. There is nothing I have done to change my computer that would make this occur. I have checked for viruses and I have none. As far as the files go, they are always the right size as the original files (Sometimes sites put original sizes, and I also ask other people who have working versions of the same files), but have bad CRCs....So I am guess small parts in the file are getting corrupted or truncated. Could this be a problem with my hardware? Or is it more likely a problem with one of my system files? Are any of the system files directly linked to transferring/extracting (from zips and such)/installing files? I can barely play any games because they won't install unless the files are perfect. By the way, if the answer is reformat/buy a new one/do a reinstall of windows...don't even bother :P. I'd rather find out what the real problem is before doing any of that. Thanks :)
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    Uhm. I'm not sure.

    Have you run a full scan to see if you've got bad sectors on your hard disk?
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    Thank you for your reply :). Do you mean full scan as in 'chkdsk'? If so, yes I have done it....although I think the one I'm referring to just does the basic scan. Could you tell me how I would do a proper full scan?
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    Sorry to say, but the easiest way to resolve this problem is to format and reinstall windows. You might even need to get a new hard drive if it gets worse after you reformat.

    If you don't like your files being corrupted, I suggest looking into installing linux and using the reiser4 file system.

    What differentiates this filesytem from ntfs and others is that:

    "Reiser4 is an atomic filesystem, which means that your filesystem operations either entirely occur, or they entirely don't, and they don't corrupt due to half occuring. We do this without significant performance losses, because we invented algorithms to do it without copying the data twice."

    Read more about it here:

    It is still in the testing process, but is soon to be released stable.

    This is a project to keep your eye on.
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