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Homework Help: My final assignment - please help me :-(

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    Hello guys!

    I'm REALLY and i mean REALLY frustrated due to the fact that i just can't solve this stupid assignment!

    I did a experiment at school with a weight attached to a spring. The weight was then set to do some swings where it sink into some water, a so called damped oscillator. I know have some values for time (s) and the force (N). So i plotted my values and got a sinus graph.

    and now the s****y part..

    how can i compare this with a second order differential equation and determine the constants? When i plot the values and get a sinus graph i cant even get excel to give me a function.

    This is my final assignment before getting graduated from senior high school (teh schoolsystem is a bit different here in DK)

    btw here is a link with values: http://www.2shared.com/file/9887389/4cc70714/Values.html

    Just found out that i have posted this in the wrong section, could moderator be so kind and move this to the correct section? And i do apologies for this.
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    Well, you could do a Google search on Damped Harmonic Motion or Damped Harmonic Oscillator. I think you'll find something of value to you on Wikipedia.

    I doubt that Excel knows about second order differential equations.
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