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My first archive paper

  1. Dec 29, 2005 #1
    Hi all,

    I recently published my first archive paper.


    Its a bit wacky and sadly violates the WEP, but makes for an interesting read.

    Any comments or criticisms gladly received.

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    thanks for pointing it out.
    I saw the paper yesterday actually (thursday's come out late wednesday) but didn't recognize the author Richard Obousy
    as being PF robousy
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    Congratulations Richard! Always a happy occasion to get a paper out and accepted at the arxiv. I remain a warp drive partisam and hope that affecting the radius of the bulk becomes technologically feasable in your lifetime, if not mine.:biggrin:
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    Congratulations again, Richard! Don't be discouraged by the criticism. That is how science is done. I look forward to your future papers. You are going about it the right way.
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    Thanks for the positive remarks guys.

    Nice to see some 'warp drive' partisans out there!
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