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My first journal article

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    Just submitted. I'm feeling a little shaky, nervous, and self-conscious (wrt to the paper). But somewhat excited.
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    Math Is Hard

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    That's way cool, franz. What's it about?
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    We took the results of two papers done in the early 80s on the enhancement of diffusion and heat flow in a fluid with time varying shear. The analysis had been largely neglected by the stellar astrophysics community (they were Astrophysical Journal Papers) because it didn't seem that the effect was significant, and its rather difficult to estimate quantitatively (because the fluid shear from internal waves is hard to estimate). But recent changes to observational data have thrown all the stellar models out of whack. Some guys took their analysis and applied it to the sun, and their results have shown some promise (they haven't published yet). I simply took the analysis and showed that it should apply to all stars with convective regions, not just stars like the sun with surface convective regions (by showing that the direction of internal wave propagation was no effect. Some other papers tried to explain the effect on heat flow as cause by energy transport by the wave flow, but that is a seperate effect). The paper was actually written mostly as justification for the much bigger paper we're doing where we try to approximate the effect in our simulations.
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    Math Is Hard

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    That's awesome. How long is the review process? If you get published I will buy you some
    and we'll have a big party for ya! :biggrin:
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    Good luck with the review process!

    Let us know if and when the article comes out. We will probably get it at our library.
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    :rofl: :rofl:

    You remembered!

    Yummy stuff. Not sure how long the review process is. This particular journal, Communications in Asteroseismology, only has about two issues a year, last one was in January, and the last two have been special conference proceedings. So my guess would be that this one will be published around Dec or Jan but I'm really not sure.

    edit: BTW, I'm also primary author. :biggrin:
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