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My first murder mystery

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    The Story

    It was 1st October, Matt, Cherry, and the 2 new detective girls, Amanda and Sylvia from Redrum University decided to give them a break from all kind of murder cases happened around them.

    Sylvia suggested they have a vacation at a beach which is not far away from where their hostel was, if they drive. The best thing is, Sylvia’s parents own a chalet there.

    So on the 4th October, (Saturday), 5 of them reached there by afternoon. Did I say 5? Yes, Sylvia had no choice but to bring her younger brother along. They have a good time swimming in the sea. On the way back to the chalet; they noticed that the bigger chalet next to them has been checked-in by someone they knew too. They are Prof. Sebastian, his wife Jacqueline, his assistant tutor who also his assistant advisor of Astronomy Society in Redrum University, Greg, and the other 9 students.

    They greeted each others and found out that the gang was here for celebrating Moon’s, one of the students, birthday. They were going to have a barbecue party at the beach and invited the 4 ladies (plus one little boy) to join them as well.

    What a lovely weather for throwing a barbecue party that night. It is so clear with all the beautiful stars hang on the sky. It starts at 8:30 and a while later Prof. Sebastian claimed he was having a headache and need some rest at the chalet. “But please wake me up when it is the birthday cake eating time!” He smiled and left the group.

    Again, people entered to the chalet no less than one time either to take beers from the fridge, food, nature call, change clothes due to been dirty etc.

    The barbecue ended at around 11 pm. They cleared the area while Mrs. Sebastian brought Moon back to the chalet in order to get Prof. Sebastian to join the birthday cake-cutting session.

    “Ahhhhh…….”, the happy and peaceful atmosphere soon spoiled by this scream. It is from the chalet where the Prof. and the rest stayed. All rushed into the chalet to see what had happened. But they nearly knocked against Moon, who was rushing out from the chalet with a pale face.

    “Help, someone please help. Call ambulance, AMBULANCE~~~~” Moon was screaming like a crazy women.

    “Moon, what’s happening? Where is Mrs. Sebastian?” Mr. Greg grabbed both Moon arms tried to get her calm down.

    “She….She…..We….. walked to upstairs together. We knocked the door to get professor wakes up, but he didn’t answer. We wanted to enter the room…but…. but …the room is locked. Mrs. Sebastian opened the door…and then we saw……” Moon fainted before she finished her sentences.

    “Let’s go up” Robin, one of the students suggested.

    “I follow you”, Charles, backed up.

    So Matt, CL, Amanda, Sylvia, went up together with Robin, Charles and Mr. Greg. Every step that Matt made, he whispered “No, please, I am tired with this. Please tell me it is just a plank and nothing happen actually….”

    Well, God never let the brilliant Matt and Cherry rest that easy, in front of them left a bloody body lying in one of the room, it is Prof. Sebastian! Mrs. Sebastian kneeled down and was crying endlessly.

    “Ambulance, have you called the ambulance? Could someone please save my husband” Mrs. Sebastian asked with a sorrow voice.

    There were blood and blood stains almost everywhere: the floor, the door side, the desk beside the bed; of course, mostly still the place where Prof. Sebastian was lying.

    Cherry walked to the Prof. Sebastian, moved her right hand index finger towards Prof. Sebastian’s nose. “Too late. He is dead”, Cherry looked at Matt and answered.

    Very soon, Inspector Slick and his team came and did all kind of investigation, and taking samples here and there. Couple scenes had happened almost at the same time….

    Scene 1.
    Venue: Room where Prof. Sebastian lying.
    Time: 11:45 pm
    People: Matt, Cherry , Inspector Slicks, and his subordinates.

    “Inspector, what do you see?” asked Matt,

    “Like what you see. 2 deep stabs at abdomen of the victim, deep enough to let the victim die within half an hour.” Inspector Slick answered.

    “Look at what we got here,” Inspector Slick removed a watch which the belt is hold firmly in Prof Sebastian right hand. “The surface is scratch but the watch still running well, eh….. but showing now is 10:34? “

    “Doesn’t make sense here, it is already 11:52!” Cherry looked at her watch.

    “Could it be the time Prof. gets killed?” asked one of Inspector Slicks’ subordinate.

    “No, my child,” Inspector Slick explained. “If only the watch stop, then it make sense. So maybe he just don’t bother what his watch shows.”

    “And what is this?” Cherry touched Matt shoulder to get her attention. She then pointed to a glass of water on the desk next to a bed.

    “Prof Sebastian said he had a headache and need a rest. He may take some pills so nothing wrong with the water. But it shouldn’t serve together with the lighter in it.” Y-san said.

    Lighter? Yes, there is a lighter inside the glass of water. Wonder it can be used again after getting wet as such situation.

    “And here,” Cherry pointed to the edge of the desk where the water located. “There is some sign of scratch too.”

    “What’s going on here just now?” Y-san wondered.

    “Keep searching….” Inspector Slicks ordered to his subordinates.


    Scene 2
    Venue: Beach, the former barbecue location
    Time: 11:40 pm
    People: Amanda, and the other youngster: Moon, Charles, Robin, Sammy, Anderson, Bernard, Flora, Thomas, and Carrey

    Moon has sobered and was squatting down. Her tears can help but keep rolling down. “I don’t expect to have a birthday party like this. Never ever like this..…” Moon sobbed.

    “He shouldn’t leave us and stay alone in the chalet, Uhhh!” Anderson shouted and threw a stone into the sea.

    “So difficult for us to make another round this time, now it is gone.” Carrey sighed.

    “Next month will be for Mrs. Sebastian. But I think now it becomes unnecessary.” Sammy sighed with a deep breath.

    “No matter how, we still need to be at Mrs. Sebastian side by that time. She needs our moral support very much. This is what we can offer, at least.” Charles said.

    “Sorry, but may I know what you are talking about?” asked Amanda. She was here because Matt asked her to look after Moon to make sure she is fine. But she can’t stand if people around her talking about something she don’t know.

    “Today is Moon’s birthday, “ explained Thomas, “Then next month the 5th is Mrs. Sebastian’s birthday.”

    “And then comes to another month, mine is on 6th.” Robin sounds like talking to himself as his voice was so soft.

    “Pardon me?” Amanda asked Robin to explained again as she can’t hear.

    “Our birthdays are coincidently to be from the 1st to 6th of each month.” Flora explained detailed and slowly. “Moon is 4th this month, Mrs. Sebastian’s will be on 5th next month. Then Robin will be on 6th the month after Mrs. Sebastian. Then Sammy on the 1st the month after Robin’s, Carrey 2nd the month after Sammy. Mr. Greg’s one is on the 3rd at another month, then….Professor’s one on 4th the next month, followed by Anderson on the 5th another month. Then comes to mine on….”

    “on the 6th of another month again?” interrupted by Amanda.

    “Yes, then Thomas on 1st again, Bernard on 2nd, Charles on 3rd and goes back to Moon. Each month once.” Flora stopped and looked at Amanda.

    “It is not easy to have gang like this, right?” Bernard asked, “We have done birthday celebration every month like this continuously for 2 years, …mmm.... but now, it’s broken.”

    “Agreed, too bad…” Amanda nodded her head.

    “Amanda, I am going to meet Matt and Cherry. Would you like to follow?” Sylvia shouted to Amanda.

    “Sure, excuse me.” Amanda left the gang, walk towards Sylvia and they walked together to the chalet.

    “What are you holding?” Amanda asked.

    “I tell you later.” Sylvia answered with a mysterious expression on her face. “Let’s find Matt and Cherry first”.


    Scene 3
    Venue: Room that Sylvia’s brother stay.
    Time: 11:40 pm
    People: Sylvia and her brother.

    Brother: Sis, I want to be there. I wasn’t see a real investigation beside those I watched from TV.

    Sylvia: No, bro, it too much for a kid like you to see. You better go to bed, and….. Wait a minute, you can see the professor room from your window? Look, Matt and Cherry are there with the inspector! Hello, Hey! Matt! Cherry! Youhooo….

    Sylvia kept waving her hand to them but Matt and Cherry were stared at the watch shown by Inspector Slick, and didn’t realize what happened outside the window.

    Sylvia gave up waving and noticed her brother is sitting on the bed and watching the video cam.

    Sylvia: Now what’s up?

    Brother: Sis, I was doing the preparation work to video taping the barbecue. But then you ask me to be hurry, I gave up and just left it on the desk. I didn’t realize I did press the ‘record’ button and it is still recording.

    Sylvia quickly grabbed the video cam from her brother and re-winded the tape. (electronic data).

    (from the video) It is 10:18, the door of professor’s room been opened. Professor quickly ran inside and locked the door. He is holding a knife where is stabbed on his stomach. He walked slowly to the desk. He seems like adjusting something on his watch before he took it off. Like a madman, he kept smashing the watch onto the desk, after a few minute, his motion get slower and weaker. He stood up weakly and the legs are shivering. He reached to his right hand pockets and grab something which not clearly seen from the video cam. He gently dropped that thing into a glass of water on the desk. He then moved aback few steps, before he collapse and lied down on the floor…………………………..

    Sylvia: Good job, bro. I don’t know this could help but I will show this to Matt and Cherry.

    Brother: I want to follow.

    Sylvia: Get on your bed, or else…..


    So 4 of them meet again. Sylvia shows the video clip to Matt and Cherry. Then Amanda told what she knows about the uniqueness of this gang.

    “Cherry, you know what am I thinking?” Matt bounced such a question to Cherry.

    “Whatever doesn’t make sense in that room now since making sense” Cherry answered.

    “Agreed, but then there is one thing, here, How confident is Prof. Sebastian that the clues are not misleading?” Matt puzzled. But not as blurred as Sylvia and Amanda felt by hearing such odd conversations.

    “Amanda, can you repeat the sequence?” asked Cherry.

    “Sure. It is …..” so Amanda listed down what Cherry is asking for, without any single mistakes.

    “That’s still left 2 suspects. By then who is the one?” Cherry asked.

    “Ouch!” all for them look at the source of the sound. There is a couple playing around the seaside. The boy held a fire-torch but accidentally fell into the sea. When he stood up again, whole body was wet and the fire has been put out.

    “That’s it! Cherry! Now whatever Prof. hinted has locked down to the only one suspect.” Matt raised his voice with excitement.

    “I think I also knew who did it. But first, let me get Inspector Slick to retain all of the gang here. We will point out who the murderer is and explain how professor told us so.”

    Thank you for still being here to finish this. After such a long story, can you tell me who the murderer is? How did professor tell you so?
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    come on ask questions , I'll help.
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    I haven't figured it out, but ...
    The watch was 78 minutes slow. At 10:18 the professor set his watch and tried to break it. That means he wanted it to show 9:00 when his body was found. The only tie in with the suspects that I can think of is that Charles was born in Sept., the ninth month.
  5. May 9, 2009 #4
    good guess but not correct
    You had a nice attempt but what about lighter in glass?
  6. Jul 5, 2009 #5
    i wonder why the prof tried to smash the watch....
  7. Jul 5, 2009 #6
    does that make any sense? why did he tried to smash the watch? did it affect the time delay because of what he did? a little complicated for me
  8. Jan 28, 2010 #7
    does anyone know what is the answer for this one??..

    i'm getting so thrilled with this question now..

    please let's solve it together..

    my question is how does cherry so sure that there are two more suspects left after amanda told her the consequences..??..

    this is question is so good...
  9. Jan 29, 2010 #8


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    That's enough for me to figure the killer, I might be wrong though :P
  10. May 9, 2010 #9
    its clear that prof wanted to stop his watch on 9... in context of the story it seems that he wanted to point on 9 or 12 which means robin or charles as their bdays are in 9th and 12th month resp...:rolleyes: and lighter in glass can be indication of smething which will figure out the killer....bt can these be evidences?? :confused:
  11. Jun 25, 2010 #10
    awwww no answer? : ( i guessed it was moon because the watch stopped at 10: 18 meaning the month, october, and the age , 18.
    also, is the lighter in the water supposed to reflect on the candles getting blown out?
    just a guess... any insight? : )
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