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My First Observation

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    I just picked up my first telescope today, a 12" dobsonian. We've had clouds for the last 2 weeks, but thank god tonight was a clear night. Despite the light pollution, telephone wires, aerials, buildings etc, I was able to find Jupiter. It was absolutely incredible. Could make out several bands across the surface, and 4 moons. I need to learn to use my finderscope better before I can find some fainter things, but damn it was exciting tonight. Can't wait to see Saturn's rings.
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    Congratulations -- Always exciting seeing what a new scope can do.

    Find Saturn soon, though, or you'll have to wait until January.
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    Congratulations! A 12" scope can do wonders. Get to a dark-sky site when you can, and prepare to be amazed. Just scan around for a while after your scope has cooled down and your eyes are dark-adapted. You will see more "faint fuzzies" than you can shake a stick at.
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