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My first post Nuke´nuts

  1. Dec 4, 2009 #1
    My first post :) Nuke´nuts

    This is my first post, been looking for a place to lay down this question so here goes:
    Im from denmark and im not a perfect english writer so dont shoot me ^^

    Senario: :approve:

    I got a ball the size of our moon..
    the "ball" is made out of diamond
    In the middel of this "moon of diamond" there is 1 * 1 meter empty space.
    In that small empty space in the middel of the diamond moon we place a powerful nuke
    A nuke that just fit in there
    The nuke is remote controlled or timed... What happens when it goes off ??

    Does the huge moon of diamond (3,474 km diameter) crack or suffer any effect from this?
    Does it make a differens if there are air around the nuke in the middel of it ?

    Greetings from Denmark. o:)
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