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My future goals/plans

  1. Oct 18, 2009 #1
    As you can tell by my username im currently in a high school senior w/ a 3.0 GPA. Looking for colleges to apply to is a problem for me, I live in Florida and my mom wont let me go out of state. What college for my undergraduate should I go to? In astrophysics?
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    FSU is the cosmology and astrophysics center of Florida. Infact its the only one which has much active research on the topic.

    Though I guess I should ask what in astrophysics are you interested in?

    Also, if the reason you can't leave florida is becuase of $$, then you should try applying for fellowships or scholarships becuase there are lots of places outside florida which have great astrophysics programs as well.
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    FIU and FIT also have good astronomy and physics departments, with a lot of research professors and access to the SARA telescopes (one on Kitt Peak in AZ and one soon to begin operating in Chile). I suggest picking a physics major, and taking courses in math, astronomy, and computer science as well.
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