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My Ghostly Experience

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    My "Ghostly" Experience

    When i was in my teens we lived in a massive house which was built in the 13th century, but most of it was rebuilt in the 1700's, it was an old vicarage and backed on to an ancient graveyard

    This was a classic house, with 3 floors and around 30 rooms, it was a living being i am sure. As such i was not that keen on going walkabout late at night, even a journey to the toilet was a challenge

    One evening my old man was away and there was just me my mum and my sister in the house. My sister's bedroom was some distance from mine and entailed a walk down a long corridor to get to

    About 3 o'clock in the morning i was awoken by some incredibly beautiful music, sort of middle ages clavicord type stuff. It was enchanting and i got out of bed and started following the sound. Now this was most unlike me to go walking through this house late at night yet i was strangely not afraid.

    It seemed to be coming from my sisiters area and on my way down a corridoor i bumped into my mum who was also following the sound of this strange music

    Well it was obviously coming from my sisters room and when we went in the music stooped abruptly. My sister was fast asleep, not faking it i mean out for the count. With some difficulty we woke her up and asked her why she was playing music a this early hour

    She denied it and in fact there was no record, tape or any other means of playing music in her room, not even a radio alarm clock as she lived at boarding school and her stereo was there and she had only come home for the weekend

    I asked the vicar if anyone could have been playing music in the church at 3am, and he tole me that it was locked and empty. The only other possibility is that someone was listening to a tape recording in the graveyard and just happened to turn it off the exact moment I entered my sisters room !! But the music was almost certainly coming from within her room, standing at her door it was quite obvious that it was in here room and not outside in the graveyard.

    The reason why i have always thought that this was possibly "supernatural" is the fact that i felt absolutely no fear walking around the house, in fact quite the opposite

    There were times in that house when the sense that someone or something was in my room was so strong and overpowering that i literally would not turn over in bed to face it. I am sure i heard whispers and movement though my mum always said it was the house settling on it's foundations. I had spent many hours like this waiting for dawn

    Many people would come to visit us and some would be quite happy in the house until they got to the top floor when they would have to come down as they said they felt a lot of oppression up there, i never felt this and would happily play all day alone up there

    Here is a picture of the house as it is now, just to get you in the mood

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