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My Goals in Life

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    "My Goals in Life" section


    I'd like to suggest opening a section where you can write your "goals in life". It could be for example put as an extra link "goals in my life" together with the journals, or if one clicks on a user's name.

    The reason is, I'd find it interesting to read what other people's goals are and I also would like to write down mine, because I think that it would help me to reach them if they are written down somehow. I once saw a report on BBC about that, or read here:
    http://cms.psychologytoday.com/articles/pto-2890.html [Broken]

    Anyone has any opinions on this? Comments are welcome.
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    My goal is to sometime drink enough beer to totally destroy a brand-new urinal deodorant puck in one evening.
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    That's interesting. I think you can write about your goals in your profile esp. in 'biography' part.
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