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My grades and future

  1. Dec 21, 2012 #1

    I just finished my first semester of my sophomore year and I'm quite worried about my current mathematics grades (I am a math major), and a possible future in math.

    Calculus III - B
    Ordinary Differential Equations - AB
    Linear Algebra C (Freshman, and really stupid)

    Not to make excuses, but the reason I got a B is because I missed an exam (0%) which put me back despite my 95% on the final. With Differential Equations, I made some sloppy algebra mistakes on some of the exams. My question is, if I ever apply to graduate school, how harshly will I be judged even if I do well in my future classes. Right now, I am reviewing everything I did wrong.

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    Hey selig5560.

    I don't know your background or reasons for the results but I will say that mathematics at some point does bring down the grades.

    Later on all the stuff will seem easy and trivial if you keep working at it and this kind of thing happens to everyone in any kind of pursuit (not just mathematics).

    Just keep the initiative to become the best you can at a high and the rest should follow.
  4. Dec 22, 2012 #3
    Good advice Chiro, I totally agree. I have had quarters with straights A's, and quarters with A's B's and C's, but I keep on going and am now in the accelerated BS/MS program pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Work hard and do not give up. Good luck!
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    Lower-division grades probably don't mean much in the bigger picture. It's how you do in the upper-division courses that matters more. Also, a bad grade here or there doesn't really matter. A pattern of doing poorly does.
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