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My Grand Turismo 3 Car

  1. Feb 13, 2004 #1
    what kind of G forces does the driver come under when breaking from 290 mph to 0 in 2.5 seconds?
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    Let's get it in meters per second....
    129.642 Meters per second.

    Now, our acceleration has to be cahgne in velocity over time. (FinalVelocity-InitialVelocity)/Time...

    -116 m/s^2...
    We are talking in absolute value...116 m/s^2. Then divide that by 9.81...11.8 G's.

    I think that's right.
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    How did you get -116 m/s^2 ? Going from 129.9 m/s to 0 m/s in 2.5 second is (0- 129)/2.5= -51.9 m/s^2. That's 5.3 g.

    You can, of course, do it in English units: )(290 mi/hr)/((60 min/hr)(60 sec/min)))*(5280 ft/mi)= 425.33 ft/sec.
    Going from 425.33 ft/sec to 0 ft/sec in 2.5 seconds is an acceleration of (0- 425.33)/2.5= -170.33 ft/sec^2.
    The acceleration due to gravity (g) is about -32.2 ft/sec^2 so
    -170.33 ft/sec^2= -170.33/-32.2= 5.3 g again.
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    hope my guy is using a seat belt! lol
  6. Feb 13, 2004 #5
    Hope it's not a 5-point! Unless he already has kids..
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