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My Grandma passed away

  1. Nov 11, 2004 #1
    She passed away on 9/Nov/2004 3pm

    She lived 93 year-old.

    What is the average life span of american female?
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    less than that, she lived a good long time, sorry for your loss.

    US Life Expectancy at birth
    total population: 77.43 years
    male: 74.63 years
    female: 80.36 years (2004 est.)
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    she died peacefully.
    my father and uncles do a buddhism funeral ritual for her, she is a buddhist.
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    we spent 150USD to publish a obituary on local newspaper
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    she was born on 1911 in China Mainland, then shifted to malaysia with my grandpa,
    my grand pa died of throat cancer in 1971 at 68 year-old, he was heavy smoker of cigar (without filter), he died in hospital in Kuala Lumpur during radiation therapy, during that time, malaysia was still very underdeveloped, only a single hospital in KL had radiation therapy, when he died, nobody was at his side .
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    If you don't mind me asking, whats a buddhist funeral like?
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    Some buddhist monks/nuns will come and setup the statue of buddha, then they will lead reciting the scriptures of buddhism, and the merit will be transfered to the dead. Hope that the dead will be born in the so-called paradise of Amithaba (one of the Buddhas who lives in the west), or, at least the dead will be born again in a better situation, won't go to hell or born as animals.
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    Tomorrow (Saturday here) will be my grandma's funeral,
    her body will be cremated (lack of land to bury dead people in malaysia, cremation is more popular now, and cheaper) and the ashes will be put in a buddhist temple at the back of my house.

    About 4 weeks ago, she started to be in subsconcious condition,
    couldn't eat much, my aunty only fed her with liquid milk, all relatives were informed,
    her most-loved daughter, flew back from Australia to see her for ten days, went back on 8/Nov, and my grandma passed away on 9/Nov, so she can't attend her funeral.
    My aunty is a nurse in Australia, she saw a lot of dead people before, she said that my grandma can't live any longer, surely to die soon. We did not feel too sad, because she is old enough to say Goodbye to this world, 93 years old is quite long !!!!
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    Any special reasons that female lives longer than male ?
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    In US, after cremation, where do you put the ashes?
    For land burial, how much it will cost ?
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    For people who died >80 years old, the relative will wear Red instead of Black,
    because it is not a bad news to die so old. :smile:



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    They Eat less McDonalds
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    My great grandmother died when she was around 90 years old. I had to wear white to the funeral.
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    Math Is Hard

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    I am sorry for your loss, Saint. What is your favorite memory of your grandmother?
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    Please accept my sorry for your loss.
    The good memories of you grandmother will still alive among the people who she loved adn they loved her.
    A saying from my culture: "Who have sons and grandsons...will not die"
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    I know she ate porridge everyday.
    She ate ver little meat, but more vegetables. Maybe this gives her long life.
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    thankyou, very wise saying.
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    I am sorry for your loss and thank you for treating us worthy of the news and sharing it with us. Take it easy.
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    One reason is males are more likely to engage in riskier activities. They are more likely to die in work place accidents or suffer life-shortening work related injuries or diseases. They are also more likely to pursue riskier non-work related activities.
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