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My hair is turning gray

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    Normally it wouldn't be a big deal for an older person, but it is for me as I'm only 23. My hair is brown with sometimes blond sprouts here and there. But lately when I took a good look in the mirror I see a light grayish shade creeping over my hair.

    Normally I wouldn't worry, but I have to consider my cousin (my dad's brother's son) who is 32 has pretty much completed transformation to gray hair. I would say his hair is at least 90% gray. I'm concerned about genetics. If I have the same godforsaken gene, my hair will be gray. My own dad is 55, and he has couple of gray hairs here and there that sprouted only recently this year. His resistance to gray hair is exceptional, as most of his peers are white as snow. Now I can't fathom what my future will be like.

    So if you any of you turned gray early, how did it affect your life?
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    Basically you adapt.

    I started turning a dark grey when I was 30ish. But I had then and still have thick, long hair and spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, so my hair is always blonde.

    Are you M or F. If M, and your hair is thick, grow it long and put it in a ponytail and dress nice and people will think you're eccentric or something.

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    I have a hearing aid and it's not affecting my life. I get good looking girls and all that jazz that you're probably worried about.

    Gray hair is nothing man.
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    i started getting silver at my temples when i was 20. it really doesn't bother me and i was actually thinking of trying to dye my hair an old man's gray just to confuse people but then i concluded i don't care enough about my hair to dye it even a good color.

    gray hair is a mature look but bald is just bald so be thankful your not going bald.
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    A friend of mine here went grey early and did the dye thing for a long time before he surprised the hell out of me by letting it go grey once. He really looked better with it dyed. It might look distinguished on someone my age, but most young people don't look good grey, I think.
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    Mine started when I was 16. The upside is that my male ancestors kept their hair into their 80s and 90s.
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    Sounds like a good idea to me. :biggrin:
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    I started balding when I was 20. It stopped when I discontinued shampoo. :eek: So I have this bald area that would look goofy on its own except that I shave my entire head now. I don't think anything of it, and women are just as responsive and interested in me as before when I had a full garden.

    Yeah, the hair means nothing except how you react to it.
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    Dye it?
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    Count your blessings. You could be losing your hair.

    Look at the men on your mom's side of the family. Do they still have their hair? Male balding patterns are inherited from the maternal line.
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    I don't care what color it turns as long as it doesn't turn loose.
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    I've seen some teens with grey hair, so don't lose any sleep. And some people believe (erroneously?) that balding is a sign of high testosterone levels. There was an article about this in this week's Time, not very scientific or informative though, but apparently image does matter vey much.
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    The comedian Steve Martin went grey, or rather white at an early age. I don't remember him not having white hair.
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    I've known lots of men who started to either gray or go bald in their 20s and who are fully (or almost fully) gray or bald in their 30s (I think they all blame it on making my acquaintance :tongue2: :biggrin: :rolleyes:). It makes no difference at all except for that haircolor box on your driver's license (I never paid attention, is there a place to check "none" on that?). If it really bothers you that you're getting gray already, you can always have it dyed.
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    Like the commercial says: "Oooh, Mr. Graybeard rejected by Miss Hottie. That must hurt." Actually, the hair coloring advertised looks like an application of shoe polish.

    I started graying slowly five years ago (age 43). Chicks just luv Mr. Silver. Personality counts.
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    Sorry for my rant, I was taken back by this revelation. I found out my cousin dyes his hair regularly, so that's a solution. Still, what are the odds?

    That's so early, but the latter part is good though.

    That is rather a flamboyant solace.
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    Who cares if your hair is gray? You can look like anderson cooper.
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    If you write really, really small, you can fit Clairol Natural Instincts #13 in the hair color box. Let them figure out how to print it on your ID. :rofl:

    Just remember - Having grey hair doesn't mean you're old. Having kids with grey hair means you're old.

    So, if you do dye your hair - do it for your parents, man!

    Actually, who cares? Both grey hair or dying your hair works for guys. If you work in a position of authority (or wish you did), grey hair works better. If you work in a field where younger is better, then dye works better.

    If you work in TV news, dye it blond. I'm amazed at how many blond news reporters there are. I think Chris Matthews and Lou Dobbs even dye their hair.
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    If it doesn't affect your math it is of no importance.
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