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My idea about H=G+ST

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    my idea about H=G+ST
    The second law of thermodynamics shows that there is some constraint condition in the process of heat energy’s transform into function, which is that heat energy can be divide into two parts: the ordered energy ( can be transformed into function) and disordered energy( can’t be transformed into function).
    This is H=G+ST
    Suppose a system whose different parts have different temperature, which is the common analysis by physics who often divide the system into many little parts and each parts’ temperature is think as the same, then the above formulation can be rewritten as the following.
    Using g and s is very common in the advanced theory of thermodynamics. Even if the temperature is the same everywhere, using the equation h=g+s*T, is more correct, because it maintain the continuity of physical law.
    Now let us image an object with electricity and each parts are interacted with others by the remote electromagnetic, it is natural that electromagnetic energy doesn’t belongs to any local part. In this system, we can’t divide it into many parts, but the temperature has the local part’s characteristic. So the formulation h=g+s*T can’t be applied. This has essentially broken the world of ordered energy and disordered energy.
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